Sacramento Acquisition/Wholesalers- Direct Mail Strategies

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Hi all,

I'm going to drop some direct mailers around town to get the acquisition pipeline flowing, and would like some pointers from our local family of real estate investors. 

Where are you getting your lists? Third party? Title co? 

What are some targeting strategies? I know they vary based on the context of the deal, so I would appreciate if you'd care to put things in perspective for me.

What kind of letter/mailer are you sending? 

What are some of your cost efficiency strategies?

Using any systems to manage the call influx, data tracking, etc...?

Thanks and sleep well (we all know that investors don't really sleep). Haha.


We did a mailing once. 

We used the "find motivated sellers"

We pulled a list of our of state owners in lake and porter counties here in Northwest Indiana. 

The list pulled 600 leads and we did a mailing with a form that reached out to the all by name explaining we had tried to contact them before and had strong interest in property they owned and we had the ability to buy cash. 

Out of 600 from a lead source I paid over $2,000 for I have over 300 returned for wrong address. It was beyond frustrating. 

We did a hand written name as well on ever single letter. 

So I felt I wasted 2 days of my time for the 4 leads I actually got and never closed to had anything come from it. 

We have used info free for other branding mailings we have done and had a lot of "return to sender" so use caution if purchasing a list is your option. 

As far as tracking we handled it all through a google sheet just cause the volume was low. 

Best of luck in 2016! 

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