Sacramento Investor Friendly Subs- Paint, Flooring, and Handy Man

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Hello Sac BPers, 

Followed a lot of the local BP discussions, but this is my first post. 

I have a SFR rental in Sacramento with tenants who have been in it for the last four years. Decided it's time to put it on the market when they move out at the end of the month. Made some upgrades (granite counters, laminate flooring, carpet in bedrooms, etc.) when I purchased it in 09 so 'hopefully' it will only need paint, carpet, and a few other minor upgrades but we'll see when the tenants move out.

That said, does anyone have any investor friendly subs they can refer me to - specifically paint, flooring and a handy man? 

Any help is greatly appreciated! 

Hi @Dan Lovin ! My buddy @Tim Kunz is an investor-friendly contractor and he might have someone on his team that can help you out at a great rate :-)

If you're putting your property on the market after a quick touch-up, I'd love to chat sometime for 15 minutes and show you what other sellers are doing to sell their home quickly for top dollar. Even if you just want a second opinion on the home's value, don't hesitate to reach out. Best of luck!

Hey Dan, 

I have a  handyman, does lots of stuff for us... but also  just managed subs painting and refloor of my mom's rental.  

let me find his #.

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