Looking for a Sacramento-Area Investor-friendly title compan(ies)

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Hello Investors,

This is such a great forum. I've been on the BiggerPockets site for 4 months. I'm a new investor with a partner classmate, and we're ready to attempt our first deal. We have gone through training with a real estate education group and we're anxious to get started. Please share any investor-friendly title companies in the area, especially companies that know what to do with assignments of contracts.   We have some capital but we were advised to take 'baby steps' I look forward to passing on the reciprocal advice in the very near future. Thank you



I work with Deana Curtis at Stewart Title on Sunrise. She understands investors, but you need to build a relationship with her. She's straightforward and what you ask her as to be legal and ethical. She's good! I've worked with her alot. Rick 

Thank you, Rick. I'll be sure to do that. I do want to build good lasting relationships. Thanks for the advice. Veneka

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