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Hi! I live in SF and can't afford anything here. I read an article of how Sacramento was becoming the next real estate boom with the new Golden 1 Sacramento King arena and how folks are moving to the area because of lower rents/housing prices. I am looking to purchase a multi-unit preferably a duplex or triplex. 

Can you please advise me of a safe, thriving urban area where I can easily rent out for an affordable price?  I'm looking for properties under $600k. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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You can find duplexes in the high 200k range to low 300k in the Sacramento area. Sacramento rents increased by 10% last year and they led the nation in rent increases.  The hard part is finding a good deal because of the limited supply of properties around Sacramento. 

Hi @Roger T. I would suggest looking over this BP post that breaks down all the neighborhoods in Sac from an investing perspective.  I'm very familiar with Sac and this is probably the best public-facing breakdown that I've seen.

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