Looking to make connections with investors in Sacramento area

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Hello you all ! I’m looking to make connecting with any one who love to talk real estate in Sacramento area . I own several rental properties in the country , And a partner owner of a real estate agency in ISRAEL. If anyone of you guys would like , I’m buying a coffee to anyone who wants to seat and talk real estate and share his experience in the area and make a new connection with me . Thank you !

Hey @Or Basan , nice to meet you. I'm not in or from Sacaramento but am looking to acquire mid to large size multifamily properties. Perhaps we might collaborate. I'm currently traveling Europe, doing my homework on vacation rental proeprties. Feel free to PM me so I can email you a link to block some time on my calendar to chat. We can have coffee together via Skype ;-)

Hi @Or_Basan, I am an investor in Folsom area that works both in and out of state. Feel free to reach out if you want to meet up at some point.

I went to school in Sacramento and my family lives there. I'm in San Jose but looking to start investing in Sac. would love to connect sometime and buy you lunch.

Hello Sacramento folks I’m very new to real estate but I am very interested in investing. I have been reading a few books and listening to podcasts. I’m always looking to learn and I would love to take some of you guys out for coffee and pick your brains.

My fiancé and I attended a “real estate” meeting recently in Sacramento but just got pitched a program. It wasn’t something for us. We just wanna meet and network with real investors and people in the industry, and to connect with like minded people.

@Or Basan I'm in Sacramento, I'm open to networking. Yes, I like talking about real estate.

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