Looking for Great Insurance Agent/Competitive Rates for SFH/4plex

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Any suggestions on great independent insurance agents who write homeowners/landlord policies for single family and multifamily (i also own a fourplex so commercial recommendations welcome too) and can write through multiple insurers?

For owners single family owners out there, don't neglect shopping your insurance policies, depending on the state, could be hugely beneficial/major differences based on companies/insured locations, etc per this interesting read I came across:


Believe the article (read it few weeks ago) cited California as a state where things don't vary as much but Texas for instance where I have a home, I'm getting a quote for an apples to apples in coverage, policy, for half as much as Liberty Mutual/Allstate were charging me (~$1300 vs. $2200-2400/year). 

Any suggestions to great insurance agents in Sacto much appreciated. 

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on my higher end flip from fall, I used Antony Wallace.

he was good, explained what I REALLY needed, what I didnt.  was creative.   It wont let me post his contact info... but google him and he pops right up.

Tell him I sent you, maybe he will hook me up next time!

Antony Wallace


License No. 0G02263

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