Have a Few flips under my belt and Looking to connect with people

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Hi my name is Dillon I am New to Real Estate I have done a few flips this year I am looking to connect with other people in Sacramento area. To learn new things and make some new friends. I started and still on my spare time still build hot rods and flip cars/trucks. I've always be into working with my hands while understanding the business sides of things. I am always trying to find ways to improve and perfect the process.

Hi Dillon, Welcome to bigger pockets. I live in San Ramon, CA. I have done a few flips and own a few rentals in Stockton and Lathrop. I am interested in investing in Sacramento area. PM me if you want to chat over the phone.

Hey Dillon, I too am a REI in Sacramento, and working on locking a few flips myself, maybe we can talk and make something happen, feel free to reach out. Best of luck!!

I live in Sacramento and I'm also looking to partner.    I have some experience with flipping vacant land but I'm now focused on multifamily/rentals.     I work in the automotive aftermarket and I'm hoping to replace my income in the next five years so I can focus on real estate full time.     

Hello all, I'm a younger REI investor here in Sac as well. Currently looking for a good multifamily deal for myself and always interested in partnering up on flips. Would like to connect to anyone with similar goals.

Hi all - 

I'm not currently in Sac, but will be moving up to Roseville with my wife on August 1st from San Francisco. We both grew up in the area and I am a current investor, licensed broker and direct lender. When I'm back in town, I plan on getting a meet up together and will invite you all then. 

What is everyone working on right now?

I own a company that offers property management and sales for residential and commercial. We are throughout California, but are based in the Sacramento area. Please let me know if I can ever help any of you out or provide some helpful input.

I love real estate of all kinds and have been investing myself for years. I enjoy helping others invest and/or connect with others who can help them.

I am in sacramento. Our company has done over 700 flips. Currently I am looking for someone near watt and 80 (our office location) to help with Pre foreclosure investing. We have phone numbers of owners in distressed situations. We need someone to help call. You would get paid a referral fee. (This is ideal for someone with no Real Estate experience but sales experience that wants to learn more about REI)

welcome to the community and congrats on your flips. How did you do with them? Consider going a local meet up and investment club. This site is just a treasure trove filled with on going real estate advice and wonderful for networking with solid hands on professionals.

New investor here, looking for someone to partner with or wholesale deals on SF or duplexes. Would love to know if a meetup group got started out of this thread. I did make it to one off here a month or so ago and it was great to connect with a few folks.


Hi. I run the largest REI Meetup in Sacramento. Hit me up if you need information on it. You will meet a lot of investors new and experienced.