Looking for Multi Family networking events in my area

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for multi family meet ups or networking events in my local area which is in Long Beach, CA.  Anyone have any suggestions?



I'm in the Long Beach area and would be interested in this as well.

I'm in Long Beach, and wanna step the networking game up!  Let's meet after the holidays!

Hey guys. Have you all met up yet? I’d love to join in.

What are the time constraints everyone has on here?  Weekends only? Or are weekdays ok?

Hi All,

I'm from Long Beach and live here now, I've been thinking about starting a meet up in LB, Los Alamitos/Seal Beach or somewhere near by. Would you be interested and if so open to coming?

My goal is to make it 100% free but just ask if it's at a cafe/restaurant that you buy a drink or food.

No one would sell anything, we would just be there to ask questions and talk about real estate.

If you're at all interested let me know on here or private message me your email address so I can let you know when I do it.



Sure guys the LB FIBI is good.  Also @Rafael Larios has hosted some good ones in Long beach 

I've been swamped hope yall are well How you doing @Lee L. !!

Just came across this post and would enjoy to meet other LB investors. Has a time or place been setup for a meetup?

Hi everyone. I've been following this post. Has a meetup happened yet? 

When & where?

Seems like there are enough people, I’ll get something put together and post back here. 

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