Looking for Multi Family networking events in my area

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for multi family meet ups or networking events in my local area which is in Long Beach, CA.  Anyone have any suggestions?



I'm in the Long Beach area and would be interested in this as well.

I'm in Long Beach, and wanna step the networking game up!  Let's meet after the holidays!

Hey guys. Have you all met up yet? I’d love to join in.

me too! Maybe @Will F. as well. 

What are the time constraints everyone has on here?  Weekends only? Or are weekdays ok?

Hi All,

I'm from Long Beach and live here now, I've been thinking about starting a meet up in LB, Los Alamitos/Seal Beach or somewhere near by. Would you be interested and if so open to coming?

My goal is to make it 100% free but just ask if it's at a cafe/restaurant that you buy a drink or food.

No one would sell anything, we would just be there to ask questions and talk about real estate.

If you're at all interested let me know on here or private message me your email address so I can let you know when I do it.



Sure guys the LB FIBI is good.  Also @Rafael Larios has hosted some good ones in Long beach 

I've been swamped hope yall are well How you doing @Lee L. !!

Just came across this post and would enjoy to meet other LB investors. Has a time or place been setup for a meetup?

Hi everyone. I've been following this post. Has a meetup happened yet? 

When & where?

Seems like there are enough people, I’ll get something put together and post back here. 

Hi everyone,

If you check the events page and search for Long Beach you will find a couple of meetups that have recently started.



I'm always looking for deals in long beach.  I just bought a condo to rehab/ flip.  
I'm also interested in 10-20 unit apartments.  If anyone knows of any I have a 1031 exchange coming up and need to close soon.

I'm from LB and would like to do a meet-up. No time constraints for me.

Hi everyone,

I am starting a meetup in Long Beach that starts on May 8th, PM me and I'll send you the details.



Ok, this is awkward. I am meeting with the restaurant manager today to get the final ok on the location and then I was going to announce I have a meet up set in Seal Beach/Rossmoor. 

@Kyle Mitchell let's chat to make sure our future dates don't conflict. 

Hi I am in Lakewood but have been going to further away (Southbay, Santa Monica) meetups. I would love to join a local meetup group. I don't mind starting one either but it seems there are already awesome organizers trying to start it! 

Hi All,

Sorry to be late to the party, but we recently had a meetup group in Torrance and believe there is another multi-family meetup in LB occurring soon.  Will confirm shortly.

Last investor meetup went extremely well - 3 different lenders on the panel, 40 ppl in attendance.

Side note - Will F, I may have a source with inventory in LB.  Want to connect offline?

This post has been removed.

There's been a lot of news about Rent Control possibly coming to Long Beach.  

It's really up in the air whether it passes or not.  It's making the apartment market here flood with inventory.  Still, apartments are priced pretty high relative to a few years ago and caps are low. Rent control will stagnate this market, investors will turn their backs on it and it will decline if it passes.  I still think most of LB city needs investors to 'clean up' the city.  It's run down in a lot of areas, and it needs revitalization.

I still consider most of Long Beach an emerging growing sub-market of LA.  A lot of areas have a long way to go, they need to clean up this city and spend more on beautifying it versus contemplating Rent Control.   RC hinders growth and usually comes in when a market is hot and in later stages of growth.   If it passes (which I don't think it will because home owners will vote it down) it will hinder the Long Beach economy.

I'm still looking for off-market multifamily deals in the Long Beach, LA and OC areas. 10-20 units under $2m (w/ a lot of variables)

Yes @Justin Segal

I’d be interested to join as well

Just following up on this thread. Did the multifamily meetup ever happen?

Hi @Jeffrey Almonte , if you go to the events page you will see a meetup that I host in Long Beach.  We have 3 chapters so if Long Beach is too far for you we also host in West LA and South Bay.

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