Looking for Area's for a House Hack

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Hello All,

I recently got a new job located in the Irvine area, but I currently live in North East Los Angeles. Because of this I'm looking to move closer towards my work in the summer to fall of 2021. Sept 2021 is my goal to move.

I'm currently looking for area's to house hack a duplex, triplex, or fourplex in the Long Beach and somewhat surrounding areas (but mainly long beach due to main street and location between OC and LA.) Any idea on area's to look into would be great and any other general information! Thanks so much! 

I love Long   each for that specific reason (being between OC and LA).

Here is a couple listings that will get you started on the areas where to look and where the zoning allows for small multi family:

On the high price side, Los Cerritos:

3530 Locust Ave Long Beach, CA 90807
3718 Country Club Dr Long Beach, CA 90807

On the more affordable side Circle area and Alamitos Heights area: good because close to cal state Long Beach 

1206 Belmont Ave Long Beach, CA 90804
817 Mira Mar Ave Long Beach, CA 90804

You might also wanna consider Signal Hill. Small city surrounded by LBC. SH has a zoning that’s good for house hacking but can get too dense in my opinion.

Both SH a d LBC are difficult to cash-flow. But they can be very good for house hacking.

Make sure you avoid certain areas though.

I used a very knowledgeable realtor in Long Beach Jose Smith (562) 209-0990

Long Beach is awesome @Jonathan K. The rent and density is there and they're pretty friendly to ADU's which is a great way to increase your rental income potential.

Why not consider NELA if that's where you'll be? Highland Park and Eagle Rock are great areas.

@Jason Hsiao Thanks for that insight and ADU's are a great way to increase value.

And originally I was planning into looking into those 2 specific areas, but 1.) They're already pretty far along gentrification wise and pricing is a bit high for my budget 2.) The rent control rules are something I was nervous about. Also mentioned in the post above my new work office will be in Irvine so I'm looking for areas closer in that direction for my first house hack. NELA is 1hr to 1.5hr away and that commute is not worth it.