Any Recommendations for Affordable, Reliable Plumber?

4 Replies | Oakland, California


Does anyone have a recommendation for affordable, reliable plumber? The one I am speaking to now is giving me pretty high estimates e.g, $275 to replace the seal behind the faucet handle (it is dripping a little). Thanks! :)

I can’t help you with a referral for this job, but I have a bit of advice moving forward. It’s nearly impossible to be profitable in this business without a network / team. If you’re going to Google every time you need a contractor, you’re going to get crushed each time. I’ve found my contractors via referrals from local REI meetings. My plumber and electrician are bother referrals from guys I met at meet ups and we’re more than happy to share.
You may need to pay “retail” this time, but then get yourself to a REI meeting and start building your team. Good luck!