Oakland building boom and rent projections

1 Reply | Oakland, California

After reading this article in the Mercury News, I was wondering what you all think this means for the future of rental income in Oakland. Will it change anything? Will rents go up/down? Appreciate all insides and opinions.

@Simon Stahl demand continues to be very strong, but I can only imagine rents coming down a little due to all this new supply...at least in the Class A space, downtown, Lake Merritt, etc. 

I invest solely in deep East Oakland. Rents are still very strong, but I'm sure I'm not immune to a correction. I am glad to have been a bit conservative in my approach and deal making. Rents would have to come down 50% for me to break even. I don't think that will ever happen. 

If you're playing the appreciation game, there is a lot of risk buying now. But I stick with strong cash flow plays which will help against the downside coming.