Section 8 4 BR voucher for 5BR unit

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I am in the process of buying a five-bedroom single family house and noted the tenants (who was placed by the old owner) has a 4 bedroom voucher but was placed in a 5 bedroom unit. I am wondering how difficult it is to get the current tenants out and replace with someone with a 5-bedroom voucher. Anyone insights you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

I don't know the SEC 8 rents in your area, but in mine there wouldn't be enough of a rent differential to persuade me to kick out the current tenant and have to incur the cost of getting the house rent ready.  Remember, a 5 bedroom voucher holder has to have 9-10 people to qualify in most cases.  That's A LOT of wear and tear on the house.  Be thankful you already have a 4 bedroom voucher holder, which should bring a strong rent, with no rehab investment.

@Yan Yuan     What did you end up doing? As another poster pointed out be thankful you already have someone in there with a 4bd voucher. Instead of kicking them out, on the hopes you find someone with a 5bd voucher, why not simply raise the rent gradually. Your turnover costs for a 4 bd place are going to be high....then you need to wait out that time to fill the place.....then you get MORE people in there because of the 5bd voucher and they will cause more wear and tear on the place. You should simply raise the rent....and....if they have another happy, literally.