I am helping a buyer look at a condo unit in the Richmond / Oakland part of the Bay Area. As a part of the disclosures, the listing agent has included the Contra Costa County Purchase Agreement Addendum. The listing agent has marked it up to indicate that the Sanitary Sewer Lateral Compliance is the responsibility of the condo HOA.

The form also states that "C.PROPERTY DEFERRED: Condominiums are also required to comply with the private sewer lateral program. However, Homeowners' Associations ("HOA") for multi-unit structures served by a single lateral or shared laterals have until July 2021 to comply. EBMUD recommends that you contact your HOA for additional information."

Reading the HOA's minutes and in asking the listing agent, it seems that the HOA is not yet compliant but is taking steps to be by 2021. So at least it's being addressed and that's a good sign.

BUT -- my question is whether or not the HOA will levy an assessment on the condo owners in the community to pay for the cost make the sewer lateral compliant. This is obviously not a cost that would normally be covered by the monthly HOA dues.

Wanted to see if any buyers, investors or agents have experience specifically dealing with condominium complexes in the Bay Area dealing with the sewer lateral compliance and whether they're levying an assessment on the condo owners to pay for it. Don't want my buyer getting hit with a big surprise in a year if they do.