Local RE Investors (cypress) Orange County

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Are there any real estate investors right here in the Cypress, Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster, Buena Park?

I'm down in south Orange County Christopher. 

I'm in Huntington Beach

I have a prop in Fullerton 

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@Account Closed Do you attend any Biggerpocket meetings or local REIA meetings? How do you meet other investors/network?

@Christopher Hunter If there's not one .... start one!! I know there's people in many of those areas interested, and Lake Forest is just too far away. 

@Clint Kreider is actually the one that heads up the Lake Forest Meetup, I just helped him get it off the ground. 

@Christopher Hunter In order to get a meetup going, it's basically doing a post and finding out if there is any interest. I'm sure @Clint Kreider would be happy to help advise you. He also lists on Meetup.com 

Subject line: MEETUP Cypress, Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster, Buena Park 

Post: Anyone interested in attending a once a month meetup to network with other investors, and help each other out? If so, please respond with your city, etc. and once we have information we can choose a place, time, and day, etc. 

Then choose a place that works best for everyone. Many of the pizza parlors have free meeting spaces, etc. Just encourage people to buy food/drinks there to support the business. 

@Christopher Hunter Although Karen touched on the basics, if you have any other questions let me know. The group I organize is purely for networking because that is what I prefer and because I don't have time for more planning. So, in my case I simply organize a time and place and make sure people know about it. If you want speakers and sponsors it will take more planning. 

@Clint Kreider Thank you Clint.  I just want a networking event as well for now.  If it transforms into something else later then it will happen naturally.

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Hey Melissa, 

My name is Lane Mobley and I am from Orange County. I am currently moving to the Columbus, GA area and would be interested in finding out what is working with your distance investing in the Georgia/Alabama area. My wife and I are going to be buying in the Columbus area, for buy and hold on MFR, however, I would be interested in finding out what works for your team and what is not.

@Lane Mobley I know of a BP member that is a broker in Georgia, you might want to connect and see if there's any meetups, etc. there that he's found or started. His name is @Jesse Smedley . Good luck! 

Hi Lane would buying in Rome, GA interest you?

Do you have a property in Rome that you are trying to move?

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