Posting Bandit Signs in Orange, CA

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Hi Everyone,

What are the laws about posting bandit signs in Orange County?  I've heard different things from different people.  Some say it's ok to post them Friday night through Sunday night, while others say it's fine to just leave them up. I don't want to break any laws.  Any help would be great!

Originally posted by @Grant Rothenburger :

Idk about Cali but here people throw them everywhere with no regard for the law lol. I think the mindset is that the worst they do is call you and ask you to stop. Some people even find ways to put them up 15 feet on a pole so that they can't easily be taken down. @Bryon Walsh

 Thanks for your input, Grant. You're probably right in that the worst they'll do is tell me to take them down. But I fear if it is possible to fine me, they'll find a way to do it. 

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