Local Architect - Planning a Permitted Second Dwelling in Anaheim

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Hi BP.

I have a 3/2 Single family residence in Anaheim. It's zoned R2, and I am interested in a permitted second dwelling. 

This project is to convert a large garage into a rentable studio in the back. I have the go-ahead from Public Works regarding the sewer system at the property- that is, it can handle an additional second dwelling. 

Now, I am looking for a local architect who is familiar with local codes and applying for a permit from the city. I am looking for professional designs and plans to submit to the city.

Any referrals for experienced architects would be greatly appreciated, direct message works!

@Luis Gomez  

I am interested if you ever found one and where you looked with results? This will probably be a process but if you take a few minutes after you find one and let us know it would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck and thanks!