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Hey BP,

I am going to be in Corona, CA this week and wanted to know if anyone local wanted to grab a coffee/drink on Friday or Saturday? My fiancee's family is down there and I would enjoy learning more about how the BPers think about SoCal/Riverside County market.

Hi there everyone! I know there are only a couple people in on the discussion so far but I am always interested in meeting other investors local and within CA. I am a newer investor in the area but Corona is my backyard. Keep me up to date on the when and where abouts for coffee and I will most definitely try and make it. Busy schedule with new baby in the household but should be able to make it out.

I know this was several months ago but if I could be included in this coffee meeting that would be great! I'm a new investor who really just wants to learn more and talk real estate. 

@Jacob Repreza you should put a regular one together if you can. I was heading down for the weekend and seeing who I could meet (my now in-laws live in Corona). There definitely is an interest based on the responses I got for someone to put a monthly coffee meeting together on a Saturday/Sunday.


I live in Eastvale. Am very much interested in meeting up with like-minded investors in the area. Do you have currently have regular meetings in Eastvale or Corona?

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