Cost to add a separate meter for electricity, water and gas

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I am making a bid on a property in Tracy which has an in-law unit in the back. Does you know approx what it would cost to add a separate meter for electricity, water and gas since now it is part of the main house and I want to rent out the in-law unit separately.

That might be a process to get that done. Check with your local planning authority to see if the suite can get its own address. Then apply for the permits. Schedule PGnE and an electrician/plumber. I would advise keeping the water bill as one to save money, just charge each tenant 50% of the bill. Just a guess for permitting and the contractor, 3-4K?

@Caleb Gerbrandt is the water meter most expensive to separate that is why you recommend not doing it? Having the individual meters in the tenants own name would be easier than having the bill split and dealing with issues if one does not pay hence I wanted to go that route

Well, I have a duplex in Fresno. I pay the water/sewer/garbage out of the rents it's $125/month. If I got another water meter, it would be two bills, $250/month! Its totally fine to keep the city services in your name. Just screen right and your tenants will pay. We have another rental house in another town that requires tenants to put down a $400 deposit to start city services in their name! PGnE is good to separate, but city services are the same cost each month, doesn't range up and down so it's easy to bill your tenant or just roll it into your rents.

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