Driving for Dollars - Now is the Perfect Time

4 Replies | Denver, Colorado

With all the rain we have been getting in Denver, now is a good time to drive for dollars. City enforcement will be a bit behind citing people for unruly lawns. Just look for the sky high weeds and dandelions. 

I picked up several addresses yesterday while looking at property South of Sloans Lake. I'm headed out today and will probably pick up some more while looking at another flip. Go get yourself a deal!

Denver for example has all property owners listed under online services -> property maps. Navigate to the address and you will get name and mailing address. Most municipalities have similar services. 

Then you can send mailer or google name to try and find a phone number. I've had pretty good success finding phone numbers with this free method.

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Hey wait a minute. My grass is tall and dandelions are rampant, but I'm not selling - just can't be bothered to deal with the lawn right now. ;-) If the City of Arvada doesn't ticket me, the HOA will, so I should probably get after it.

I always laugh a little because I'm usually so busy working on my own rentals that I frequently neglect the care of my own house.  I constantly get yellow letters and the like.  While I appreciate that my house looks terrible at times, I feel bad that y'all are wasting your marketing on me.  Sorry!

Ladies and gents, now is the time to drive for dollars here in the Denver area. Scope out those yards with tall grass, find the owner, and go from there. If you need help in tracking down the owner, feel free to reach out. 

I've been checking a few places around North Park Hill and the Stanley marketplace. One of my guys has picked up 2 deals in the past few weeks driving around. Happy Hunting!