Anticipated Denver zoning amends

3 Replies | Denver, Colorado

For developers in Denver, City of Denver recently came out with some recommendations for tackling slot homes and rowhomes. Word on the street is the zoning amendments will go into affect sometime next year - the major affects will be on slot homes and row homes. So if you have any interior RH zoned lots or MX and MU zoned lots you were holding on to, better pay attention and get your drawings submitted to the city ASAP!

@Matt M. There has been a task force working on this for the last year or so and this is what they came up with. Lot's of complaints in general about bad construction quality and bad design, but I honest don't think the changes in zoning is going to change that. What is will affect is the values of land and what homeowners will be able to sell to developers - so in the end I think it hurts the very people they were trying to help.  Gotta love bureaucracy!

It's really just a smoke screen to decrease density. They (the complainers) don't like the product and are looking for excuses to eliminate it. They don't care about the people who are losing property value.