Denver Landlords - Who can house my awesome tenant?

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I got the phone call yesterday that many landlords dread.  Great tenant is giving notice that they aren't renewing their lease.

My tenant has been renting my 4 bedroom townhouse at 92nd & Sheridan for the last year.  She is on Section 8 and her voucher is currently through Jefferson County.  But porting the voucher to Adams or Denver is pretty easy.  Her kids go to Westminster High School and she wants/needs to stay in the area, although not necessarily in the school's district itself.  She also has 2 pre-schoolers.

Tenant pays her rent *early* each month and the county portion is direct deposited on the 1st without fail.  She is clean and neat, works hard as a nurse and her kids are well behaved every time I've been around them.  She is currently approved for the maximum voucher amount.

She needs to move because her oldest daughter moved out and Section 8 will now only approve her for a 3 bedroom house instead of my 4 bedroom.

In this market, as you can imagine, it's tough to find good housing.

But it's also tough to find good tenants, so if any of you guys have a vacancy as of January 1 in a location relatively close to Westminster High School, I will recommend this tenant all day long.

Conversely, if you know of anybody that wants a great 4 bedroom place in Westminster, let me know.

Hi Linda, I'm not sure if I've got a good fit, but I've got a ranch style 3br / 2ba off of I-70 and Wadsworth in Wheat Ridge coming up for rent on the 1st of 2018 probably about $2200. PM me if you'd like to discuss further. 

Originally posted by @Bill S. :

@Linda Weygant just curious what her voucher is for a 3 bd? 

 She's at $1896 if all utilities are included.  It slides down depending on how many and which utilities she would have to pay for.

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