6% Realtor vs Flat Fee vs FSBO - What is Your Opinion?

2 Replies | Denver, Colorado

Investors, as both a Realtor and an Investor I see the value in using a well experience/knowledgeable commissioned agent to list properties BUT I wanted to get your feel for the type(s) of Realtors/agents you use to list your properties and if you have been happy with the services and outcomes you have received (or if you got your license specifically to purchase and list your own investments). 

If you are a full time Realtor, please do not respond - I am going to do my best to do the same.

I got my license purely for the buy/list purpose of my investment properties. It would be hard for me to list with another agent but I do feel there are a few that bring a high level of service and knowledge.

Im in the top 1% of agents nation wide.....and when I buy or sell in another market, I still hire a local agent.