Wheatridge, CO zoning and development

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I have a family member who recently passe away who lived in Wheatridge, CO. She has an unusual property that includes about an acre of land behind her house.  I'm curious if anyone is familiar with adding density to property in Wheatridge. Any insight into the city planning process, growth plans or approvals for zoning changes would be helpful. 

You can go to the wheat ridge zoning website and search the zoning with the address. The site will also provide you information regarding what is allowed to be built under that zoning.  The zoning code in wheat ridge is not particularly friendly towards density if you are in a residential area, so most likely I'm guessing it's zoned for R-1 or R-2 or A-1. 

Hey Luke,

I work for a land development engineering firm here in Denver. We currently have a 14 acre 200 lot townhome development going in Wheatridge right now. Private message me a little more info on the property and I can try to take a quick look at it later for you and see if I can give you any insight on it.