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Hey Denver BP! 

Not trying to promote myself here so I hope this post is not taken down or blocked. 

I am located just east of Denver Colorado in Aurora. I closed on my first house hack deal in April and have been learning a lot with this. I am continuing to learn and looking to do a another deal ASAP. Denver is super expensive and I cannot use another low money down loan for another 7 months or so for my next house hack. 

I am looking to invest out of state in the mean time where 20% down is not a ridiculously high amount of money like Denver. 

On one of BP's podcasts @Brandon Turner talked about how you should look at which area of life you are successful in and take that process into other areas of your life. I am successful in fitness and realized that I got started and kept going to the gym through having an accountability partner. 

I want to see who in the Denver area would be interested in starting accountability groups/ mastermind groups. (not looking for money or to charge anything). These would be smaller than a meet up but would have likeminded people who could share goals and plans. Since very few of my friends are trying to do what i'm doing, I believe it would be super awesome to be held accountable with a group. This could help move everyone's goals forward faster as well as using everyone's insight and resources to problem solve. 

If anyone in the Denver metro area thinks this is something that would be beneficial to them, hit me up! Would love to build a power group in helping everyone stay on track and committed to their real estate goals. 

@Taylor Burns

Hi Taylor! I believe I met you at the BARE Ted talk type event in Lakewood. I’m open to having a small mastermind group as well where we can bounce ideas around. There is a few people I know of that we can bring together and meet maybe once or twice a month and hold each other accountable. Let me know if you’re interested

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@Jamaal Gibbs , yes we did get to chat a bit! 

Are you living in east Denver/ Aurora? I have had several people reach out. I would like to find a central location for everyone and think it could be a solid group to help accelerate everyone's investing career! 

Hey guys! I would definitely be interested in joining. Masterminds have come up in conversation about 3 times this week so I'm taking that as a sign that I need to get on it! I am in Littleton. @Taylor Burns , thanks for coordinating!

@Taylor Burns has this already happened? I would love to get involved. My wife and I been doing extensive researching in to a rental property business . We are looking for the opportunity to meet with a group of like-minded people due to some of the reasons they have been expressed here already such as not having people in my personal friend group that are as interested in the subject as I. I am extremely green to the game I will it mitt, at this point I have read 15 books on the subject and have spent dozens of hours on the bigger Pockets forum. We currently live in the Northglenn and are looking for some ways to invest our equity. Let me know if your Facebook group is still open I would love to join. Thank you for reading my message😃

Hey all,

Im kinda in the same boat as a lot of you with one deal and looking towards the next. I'm in Englewood so not too far away and would be interested as well. 



Hi all,

I just closed on my first home in Lone Tree and plan on using it to do House Hacking . I'd like to start meeting up with likeminded people as I am new and trying to figure this out as I go.


Hey Taylor,

I would love to get involved in a mastermind group!  It sounds like we are doing something very similar with housing hacking.  I have been renting out my first property just north of DTC since October of last year.  Been on the hunt for my second property for the last 3 months.

Please send me for information on the meet-up.


@Taylor Burns I am definitely interested in joining these mastermind/accountability groups as well. I currently live in the Highlands Ranch / Littleton area with one rental unit under my belt and plan to purchase the second in 2020. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

@Taylor Burns

Would love to get involved in this group. Sounds like there are a lot of like minded people on this thread, seems like a great opportunity. I'm located in Evergreen but am willing to meet just about anywhere.

Hey all, came across this thread just now. Located just off Hampden & i25, looking to pull the trigger on a flip early next year. 

Count me in as well, would love to meet great people in my local area and add value in anyway I can. Has there been any decisions made on when and where this will take place?

@Taylor Burns

Hey I’m definitely interested as well, can help out getting things in order as well. I have an offer in DTC, don’t know how many people would be coming but I’d be willing to open it up for something like this.

Thanks for posting this opportunity.