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Hello everyone,

My name is Ben and I'm a 25-year old with 1 investment property in the Lakewood area looking to connect with successful real estate investors in the Denver area to learn what it takes to expand. I'm currently a Business Development Manager for a software company and am interested in networking with local investors.

I bought my first property in Lakewood when I was 22 as my primary residence and later on decided to rent it out to a tenant to cut expenses and build wealth faster. I was immediately hooked on real estate investing after I received my first payment from my tenant and I've spent the past few years doing extensive research on the subject. Out of college, I was a founding employee at one of the fastest growing start ups in Silicon Valley at the moment with a likely IPO in the next 1-2 years. I'm currently on pace to make 1M+ from my investments in the company and that capital will be accessible once an IPO occurs (I could sell on the private market but that wouldn't be a smart idea financially). I would've liked to buy additional properties since my first property but most of my capitol has had to go towards exercising my options in the company to save a tremendous amount in taxes in the long-term.

I'm getting close to buying the maximum number of shares, and once I have, my primary focus will go towards preserving capital for real estate investing. According to my estimations, I'm about 10 months out from having 20% for a 200k property. I want to get some solid experience before I receive the large amount of money in the coming years, as well as I understand how important it is to start investing at a young age, especially in a fast growing market like Denver.

 If you're interested in connecting, please leave a comment and I'll reach out. Thank you!

Hey Ben, love the story man and congrats on founding a successful software company! That's truly incredible especially in Silicon Valley where competition is stiff. Would love to learn more about your company and how you were able to scale that up. I'm sure there's some overlap with the real estate world.

Sounds like you've got a good start with real estate investing too. House hacking is an awesome way to dip your toes in real estate and get started with minimal risk. I also live in Lakewood and the values have appreciated at an incredible rate over the last 10 years and I expect it to keep going. They're not making any more land between Denver and the mountains so this area will continue to perform well. The "Gateway to the Rockies" is a good place to be going forward.

I'm happy to connect and chat about real estate investing. Always like to meet and network with other people in the industry. Feel free to reach out!

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Hey @Benjamin Taylor ! That's a fantastic story and it's never bad to focus your efforts on something outside of Real Estate. There is no one way to make it to your goals, and they are always changing!

It was definitely a smart way to go with cutting your living expense, House Hacking will always provide you one of the best ROIs in the game. If you are looking to expand and grow some before being able to put that 20% on investment property, I would maybe look to make a new move to another Primary residence. You'd be able to maintain your current property as a rental, giving you the true landlord experience and providing some cashflow. But also getting into a new property for a low down payment (3-5%) instead of the full 20%, and you could house hack that with either doing rent-by-the-room or small multifamily or some other strategies... 

It would provide you a way to get into further real estate investing before that 10-month mark, with little risk involved, and if done right you will be living completely free, and making money on your current property!

Wish you luck on everything, and I am happy to chat more!

I'd be careful advertising your windfall on an internet forum. I'm sure you'll get some messages, etc, so be careful. As Ben mentioned, you don't need 20%. Hit the ground with 3% and go now. Think bigger. Buy a new place each year while renting the old homes. Do that for long enough, and you'll never have to work again. 

Originally posted by @Matt M. :

I'd be careful advertising your windfall on an internet forum. I'm sure you'll get some messages, etc, so be careful. 

Whaaat? So cynical. ... Totally unrelated note: Hey Benjamin! I can help you invest that million bucks!

 Seriously, I'll just add that in my opinion, what's more important than finding "a good deal" is getting into a deal sooner rather than later. Time in market, not timing the market, that type of thing. I see too many people spend six months, one year, or longer "researching" and "getting my team together" or whatever else BP gurus promote. Meanwhile, in a market like Denver or Colorado Springs, prices have gone up 10% or more, and you've lost $60,000 worth of potential equity. 

Find a good agent, figure out a plan, and take some action. Make some mistakes, learn from them, buy again. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Good luck!

Originally posted by @James Carlson :
Originally posted by @Matt M.:

I'd be careful advertising your windfall on an internet forum. I'm sure you'll get some messages, etc, so be careful. 

Whaaat? So cynical. ... Totally unrelated note: Hey Benjamin! I can help you invest that million bucks!

4Chan found a flag Shia lebouf put in a random field in Tennessee using flight radar data and the stars. There are some weird people out there. Just saying ;)

Hi Ben, I'd be happy to connect with you! I'm a young investor as well and my job in the Denver market that focuses on investing too, so I've learned a lot really quickly! If you want to grab coffee or something let me know!

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I am an investor by hobby and IT consultant by career. Toilets and Tenants is a great facebook group that will help answer local regulations and the person who runs has recurring monthly meetings with guest speakers on local regulatory changes.  My advice to you, get your real estate license through an online real estate school if you plan on investing in Colorado. It will save you tons of money. 

@Benjamin Taylor Hey Ben, sounds like you're off to a great start! I bought my first property this year in the Denver area and am renting my basement out on Airbnb, I work with a team who has had a lot of success with STR properties in Colorado and I'm hoping to buy my next one in the mountains shortly. Would love to connect! We also throw a little networking event every month, it's a great opportunity to meet investors in the area. We've got our next event coming up on November 17th, let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to share event info! - Garrett

@Benjamin Taylor Hi Ben. I also am an residential investor in Lakewood. Not a expert by any means, definitely a School of hard knocks guy. Only one door right now, but doing fantastic with it. Looking in Denver and out of state at the moment . Happy to connect.