Small Multi-family lenders in Colorado Springs

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@Jeremy Kleier  What type of funding are you looking for, that would determine the lender you should be looking for. Primary/Second home or Investment? Loan in your name or LLC? Looking for residential or commercial loan?

Upen Patel, Mortgage Banker

Federal NMLS# 1374243

Upen Patel, Lender in (#National Lender NMLS 1374243)
(571) 331-5161

Robert Dixon is who I used for my first small multi-family purchase in Colorado Springs. He was great throughout the whole process and did an excellent job matching and then beating rates/fees of competitors. His number is 303-578-9202.

I also had a great experience and customer service from Charadie Finkle of Academy Mortgage, she can be reached at 719-266-8183.

@Jeremy Kleier if I was in your shoes. I would find out the brick and mortar location of those commercial loan officers. I would prepare a bio sheet for them and I would put on my best suit and tie and march down there and press the flesh a bit. Right now lots of them are pretty busy and it takes that personal connection to get over the hump. Lets them know you are serious if you invest a bit of time to meet them. It's best to do it when you don't actually need money for a deal but works none the less.

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