Foundation Leveling In Pueblo

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I am looking for someone to come out and stabilize a post and pillar foundation. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone they have worked with? 

I would recommend talking to Colorado Structural Repair.

Geo-Quest is a good company

Just following up on this I called about 10-15 places/engineers and only Colorado Structural Repair made it through the ever-difficult gauntlet of : Picking up the phone, not hanging up while on hold, working in Pueblo, and setting an appointment.  Here's to hoping they show up.  Thanks for the referral @Colin Smith

@Robert Herrera will do.  I touched base with a couple other companies.  Peak Structural charges $250 (not structural engineers) and Kidd Engineering charges $420 for an engineer report.  I made it through about 20 companies/engineers.

@Chris Pasternak - No problem on the referral. I just met with Colorado Structural Repair this morning for a large project who's ultimate recommendation was don't waste the money on them because its not going to make a dramatic impact to save the existing structure. I always a appreciate a contractor who is willing to say that!

Let me know if you need any other recommendations!

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