Need an accountant in Colorado Springs

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I’m currently looking to replace my family’s accountant in Colorado Springs and I’d like to take this opportunity to find someone who is knowledgeable in real estate investing, responsive to their clients, and is willing to teach a new investor about real estate tax implications. Does anyone have anyone they use and would recommend? 

@Kyle Pare - I would recommend talking to the CPA's at Wilklow & Associates in Colorado Springs.

@Kyle Pare , I second Colin's recommendation for Wilklow & Associates.  I'm sure all of them are great, but I specifically work with Susan and she has been very helpful on the real estate side of things.  Good Luck!

I know this is an old thread, but I've been at Stockman, Kast, Ryan for a number of years and they do a great job with real estate. I just attended a free seminar they put on at The Pinery on the new tax laws. Jordan Empey is my contact there. I have heard great things about Wilklow, so that's not a bad way to go either. 

@Kyle Pare

You may want to reach out to @Linda Weygant as she is located in Colorado.

She is a frequent contributor on Biggerpockets.
She was also featured as a guest on the Biggerpockets Podcast.

I assume you found a CPA but if you havent, Hal Berringer is the best, good grasp of all IRS investing issues, will persevere until gets it done, has saved me $1000's. Berringer & ricords mention Jane 

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