Building a Team in Colorado Springs & Pueblo - Join me!

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I am building a team in Colorado Springs. We are a few months into our start-up and ready to take the next step. While we are not able to support full-time employees yet...we ARE looking to grow/train some part-time acquisitions/dispositions specialist. I wanted to reach out to our BP community first to take the team building approach before posting a more formal ad...but I can only hold out for a little bit longer so please only jump in if you're serious. :)

We have the territory of El Paso County, CO and Pueblo/Pueblo West doing Lease-Purchase deals.

Any folks in Colorado Springs or Pueblo up for growing with us as a team? I'd be happy to answer your questions - fire away!     

Im in Canon City. I have flipped a house in pueblo. my skill set would be managing contractors and scheduling. im not sure what your looking for.

@Mark Morris A good fit would be someone who is willing to commit to around 15 hours a week for at least 6 months. It takes time to build a pipeline so the right individual would need to be willing to spend this time learning the process and executing practical application. We do provide training and coaching. A background as a Realtor or Wholesaler will find this type of work easy to learn but experience is not required.

Helpful Skills (not required but helpful):

Outside Sales and/or Inside Sales, Telemarketing, Wholesale, Realtors, etc.

Required Skills:

Must be coachable, can execute tasks without direct daily oversight, good communicator, can talk on the phone with real people, take good notes, organized, etc. 

Key duties/responsibilities:

Training will focus on the dispositions side to start. If a candidate feels like this is a good fit, we'll add more from the acquisitions side to round out your training. Dispositions focuses on off-loading a property from our portfolio to a buyer and includes, but not limited to: follow-up calls (scripts are provided), showing the home, being present at the close. Our company can handle negotiations if a candidate lacks experience...we consider negotiations a part of the training process so it's ok to have the experience or not, either way we can work it together. 

Ongoing support/training is provided but a candidate is NOT managed...meaning, if you need a supervisor to stay on course or a manager to assign daily tasks/priorities, this is not going to work for you. Self-management and an ability to apply what is taught, stay in communication, and commit to seeing deals to the close are paramount. I believe that anyone who is serious about an opportunity like this can be taught the "nuts & bolts" so while experience is nice, it's hustle and commitment that I am looking for here. 

We are building a TEAM. We are not looking to hire employees at this time. We want a TEAM member who is ready to grow WITH us. So if that sounds doable to someone out there and you have roughly 10-15 hours a week to work with clients/prospects shoot me a message and we can chat some more!

@Christopher Orr are you an agent in Canon City? I would like to get some more information on canon city. We have rentals in Pueblo and have done flips in Pueblo as well. We are also looking for contacts with general contractors as well for possibly doing a new build. Thanks