Looking to build contacts (power team) in Aurora

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Hi I am starting to look at properties to rehab and flip in Aurora. I am wanting to connect with some professionals in the area starting with a real estate agent who knows investing. 

I am not local myself so I can't attend meet-ups.


Hi @Jonathan Bendickson !

I am an associate broker in Aurora that is also an investor- I'd certainly be happy to talk with you about what you are looking for. I'm curious what draws you specifically to our fair city? I do think there's tons of opportunity in the Denver metro area in the long run, but it is also a very hot sellers market right now. Which is not to say there aren't deals to be found, but I took a look at your website and it seems to be emphasizing distressed/low priced properties, which are a little thin on the ground here at the moment

Thanks for the reponse Jean.

That website isn't currently reflecting exactly what I am looking for at the moment, I am branching out a little and looking for new markets.

I'll also be moving to Colorado from Vancouver, BC next year. Since I don't yet know the area that well I am spending a bit of time on researching some of the surrounding cities. That being said I think that I may have found a possible deal and need some local help to confirm whether or not it is.

@Jonathan Bendickson feel free to PM me some info if you'd like, I'd be glad to run some comps for you and/or offer any local insight I might have. As you've probably already noticed, Aurora is a market that has a lot of disparate neighborhoods, from very low end to very high end.

Hey Jonathan, I'm a wholesale investor having done 20+ deals last year and 3 of them were in Aurora. Could of been more but I don't have enough buyers in Aurora. Let me know how I can help!

@Jonathan Bendickson I’m currently in the Aurora area and new to real estate, looking to build a good property portfolio. I just moved here in October from my job, but looking to replace it with a good source of rental homes, and bigger deals into apartments and would like to venture into commercial down the road.

@Jonathan Bendickson so, did y'all move to Aurora? Did you find a good team? How did that deal go? Looking forward to your response!!! I'm a truck driver, looking into different areas to invest in, so if you do have a good team in place I'd love their contact information, thank you in advance!!