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Hello all,

I have what is most likely a two part question for all you in the Northern Colorado market.  In the efforts of finding fix n flip deals in the various small and large communities in Weld and Larimer counties, I'm curious if anyone can recommend a solid wholesaler(s) in these markets?  I imagine the deals are pretty slim in quantity at the moment, but I'm looking to connect with any folks who have made their profession finding deals along the Front Range.

Also, I spend most of my time in Fort Collins and I see a few bandit signs around town, but have been impressed with the recent advertising campaign of a local investor on quite a few yellow bus stop or street signage locations around town. No idea on the success rates or cost, but it's quite a noticeable effort around most of town. For those that are continuing to hunt for deals in this competitive market, what forms are you finding to be successful for your niche? MLS, Direct mail, pre-foreclosure, probate, etc.

Thanks for any thoughts you might be able to share and I look forward to connecting more down the road.


Hey @Eric Jackson ! I am a wholesaler in the area that would love to connect with you about your needs and wants. Shoot me a message anytime you want. 

Sounds like someone is stepping up their game in Fort Collins! Are these mostly bandit signs on these signs or another form? Always love hearing what is working for people! Collaboration not competition!! 

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