Looking for recommendations for roofer and electrician

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Hey all,

Just made it through a home inspection on a property in Bristol with live knob and tube throughout and a damaged roof due to improper ventilation. I'm looking to get quotes for the repairs to have in hand for negotiating with the seller.

Any recommendations for a licensed roofer or electrician to provide a quote for the work?

I cant seem to figure out how to PM you @Timothy Jennings but my good friend Glenn at Clegg Complete Maintenance can help you out with the roof and he may be able to assist with finding an electrician. I dont think i am "allowed" to post contact information on here, am I? Maybe i cant PM from the app?

affordable restorations roofing based out of enfield,ct. 

John Supranovich, electrician. Based out of Burlington but covers the state. Great guy and very diverse base of knowledge in his field. 

Chris Pullis out of Farmington, One man show....he's done work for me on a few projects.  He's working on one of my flips in Plainville right now.

Thank you for all of the recommendations! I feel much more comfortable going through this process with quotes from contractors working with me instead of through the seller. 

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