Average cost per square foot for a full gut rehab?

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On an old home in the greater Hartford area that needs to be completely gutted to the studs and redone; new plumbing, electrical, windows etc... What is the average cost per square foot? I know I would need to get quotes from contractors I'm just wondering if there is a rough estimate as a starting point? 

Honestly 80-100k is on the very, very low end in my opinion. If you're doing all new systems, new electric, new roof, etc. it's going to add up quickly.

If you are going to use an architect, which you might need to do to get the building permit, ask the architect for some recommendations on who she/he would use. Get 3-5 estimates and go for there. Besides price, you're also going to want to make sure you think you can get along with the GC and communicate with them.

If you're going to sub everything out yourself, you can realize some significant savings, especially if you use independent plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc.

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