Investing in Litchfield and Hartford County, CT

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Hello BP Family, 

I'm a buy and hold, cash flow investor who lives in Torrington, CT. I'm looking for all-cash offers on properties that need significant work, I'm looking to buy them, fix them up and rent them out. I'm currently interested in the markets of, Torrington, New Britain and Hartford, CT. I would love to connect with people that know these markets very well. 

Hey @Javier Henao Jr I would be happy to connect and help you out in the markets of New Britain and Hartford. One thing I will say is you can absolutely find great cash flowing deals in New Britain....Hartford may be a little tougher because of higher taxes but still doable. Additionally, New Britain, akin to Hartford is very street by street dependent. For example, I own property in New Britain on one street... but wouldn't buy the next street over. It sounds strange but it's true. 

If you ever have any questions about what areas to avoid in New Britain or Hartford, don't hesitate to reach out. 

@Javier Henao Jr if you are looking for cash flow, new britain is where it is at. i have been investing there since 2012. i know torrington well too. it is similar to new britain, but not as expansive, and does not have as many big employers or as many things going for it. furthermore, the physical inventory in new britain is better than torrington. torrington is full of two families where new britain is more of a mixture, but with plenty of each. hartford is mostly a no-go for me. @Michael Doherty is an incredible resource. i highly recommend him. anyone that comes to me, i refer him out as an agent. 

i am always happy to help in any way that i can! 

I own 2 single family houses in Torrington and I have a 2 family unit in Winsted that I am doing a lease option on. If anyone wants to network or talk about investing I am all for it. I am still relatively new to all this but it is going well so far! 


We are getting WAY too many leads and we are drowning. On our site we promise our sellers we can buy them, and obviously we do not have infinite pockets.

We do truly want to provide value to our sellers, and this is why we are now setting up a dedicated wholesaling department in our company.

In case you do not know of us, we get ALL organic SEO leads, ZERO paid leads, and thus most of these leads are crazy motivated.

Our lead count is somewhere between 4 and 12 leads a day... and increasing as we are adding new cities to our site daily!

Now, here is where we most differ from other wholesalers...

We do not just accept anyone on our buyers list just because they want to be on it. We have been wasting so much time and effort with buyers, that have the best of intentions but simply can't perform when it comes to closing.

We require proof of competence. Not a proof of funds. We would like to see how many houses you have purchased. A proof of funds anyone can get. If you have not purchased a house it doesn't mean we won't work with you...

There are more ways to show competence and ability, and willingness to close fast.

We are here to find ways to provide value to our sellers first, and to our cash buyers second.

To show our competence to you ( as this goes both ways), here are our leads coming in these past few days:

I am not interested in 3000 cash buyers. I just want 5-30 buyers/ county we can form a tight trusting relationship with.

The second we get the leads in I will share them with you. Those that are interested can join me on the initial walktrough, and you can tell me what you would like to offer, and we will do the rest. This is obviously requires a lot of trust and it is something that needs to be earned.

We are 100% upfront and honest with out sellers, and they know we are wholesaling their property, if it is not something we are interested in ourselves. We are primarily flippers.