looking to buy a multifamily in Jacksonville, FL

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Hi friends on BP.

Happy New Year-2018

I am very interested in buying a multi-family in Jacksonville.

I am trying to connect  with agents, property managers. 

Please recommend from your experience who to work with ( or avoid working with).

looking forward to your help.

have a great year ahead.

Hi @Deepika Tandon , I have limited experience with multifamily. I haven't done anything larger than 4 units. I'm happy to connect you with the property managers I use. 

You may want to connect with @Hadar Orkibi as he is also involved with multifamily. 

Feel free to connect if I can be of more help. 

Hey @Deepika Tandon Please feel free to contact me by PM im happy to help if i can.

The MFR market is very hot at the moment and good deals in JAX are hard to come by.

you will need to start building relationships with Brokers.

visit realpro.com good MF deals sometimes

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We have 2 multi unit properties that we just added to our inventory. Please check out our website at investrla.com for more information.


Hey Deepika,

Did a quick search and found some multi family listed in that area.  

1531 Louisiana St, Jacksonville, FL 32209

15501 Shellcracker Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32226

4050 Grant Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Multifamily properties can be mislisted as SF in mls. I come across properties in our system too that have rentable guest suites or guest houses on the same SF listing.  Good deals can be sneaky!

Happy hunting!

Hi BPr's i will be in Jacksonville FL15 Feb to the 22nd and also in the market for Multi family. if anyone is free and wants to meet up please feel free to PM me. 

Cheers H

@ConnyTejada you must follow this thread. This is exactly what we are looking for. 

Great @Craig Ward I will PM you now so we can exchange contact details. 

Cheers H

Im planning to buy my first rental property in Jacksonville as well. Is anyone here who knows the area well? Would love to get some thoughts about the zip code 32209, specifically Carver Manor neighborhood.

I'm not an expert in JAX yet, but feedback i received from local investors is:

Stay away from: 32204, 32208, 32209 (In this Zip can have good school zone – not to bad in the right zone.

Talk to @Joseph Hamaoui he is good local agent and know the areas well.

Are you still looking for agents? I can connect you with very professional, investor-friendly Jax realtors if needed. 

@Sharon Powell , im not sure if this was for me but im happy to connect.

My main focus if Multi Family in Jacksonville not single family homes.

I’m a Nola realtor and I have a really good friend of mine is one of the best agents in Jacksonville I’d love to hook you up with him... he’s an investor and a entrepreneur with serious hustle who will have all sorts of industry insight in that area. 

I’d be happy to help you source effective property management.  PM me.

@Hadar Orkibi
Whoever told you to “stay away” from 32204 doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
It’s probably THE top zip code in Jacksonville to invest.
Best mix of cash flow and potential for crazy appreciation.
That’s Riverside,man!😳

Parts of 32204 are good around Five points and River side, the top part over the I 10 is not as good. @Charles A. , I agree Riverside is top area... im in Jacksonville know and got to know the areas better. thanks 

@Hadar Orkibi

I’m back in town from tomorrow.

If you’re still in town,let’s meet up for coffee.

I own 33 units.

Most of it in Riverside.

Would be nice to exchange notes with you.

Let me know or PM.

It would have been great to meet with you @Charles A. , im on my way to Arkansas now. so unfortunately we missed each other. 

If you could PM me we should connect and make sure we meet next time.

In Jacksonville im in the Multi Family space but happy to catch up regardless.

@Hadar Orkibi



Most of mine are small multis too.

2-4 units.

And I’m under contract right now for a 7-unit and a 20-unit.

Both in that same area of town.

Let me know when you’re back in town in future.

All the best in your hustle.

And have a safe trip.

thanks @Charles A.  what cap rate and per door you paying for the commercial 6-20 units? 

@Charles A. read your blog.  You are the real deal.  Very refreshing.

My kids have a triplex in the 32204 area and it is a fantastic investment for them.

good luck.

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