Jacksonville Agent Search

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Hi BP Community,

I've been searching for an agent in Jacksonville and am now looking for recommendations based on your personal experience.

I would like to find someone that understands investing and can specifically help me find a small to medium apartment building.



Hi Jeff! Send me a message on what all details you are looking for in a small to medium apartment building. I am an investor myself here in Jax and Realtor and would be happy to assist you. 

@Jeff Ashton My wife, Liz Bobeck, and I are active investors here in Jacksonville. We have owned rentals since 2008, and she has been a successful, active, Realtor, since 2005. She has 84 condos right now that are set to be sold in Fall of 2018, in Orange Park, FL.  She's helped investors buy and sell over 500 doors in NE Florida. She'd be happy to help you.