Looking for feedback on Locklear Partners

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Based upon their website, I'm not terribly impressed with their professionalism.  

Exhibit A:  http://locklearpartners.com/investor-maps/

Direct link to maps:  



It looks like they just drew all over a poorly printed map and then scanned it for their website.  Very amateur.  If you can't figure out how to make an investor map via Google Maps or at least do it on a computer (or hire someone to do it for you if this is beyond your skillset), I don't think I'd trust you with my money.

All those in #Jacksonville, interested in their professionalism, come to the next free meeting Thursday Sept 27.

They have a nice book available online at Amazon, discussing the hardships, Joe had a $500,000 portfolio wiped out from the Great Recession and there is detail in the book about the family and how they invest. Joe is a legend in the local Jacksonville Real Estate Community, he's been doing deals since the 1980s.

The maps drawn are simple, but that is this business, its very simple. The ones that make it hard are the ones to avoid. They try and educate people on what works for them, but its not for everyone. With several thousand investors in their portfolios, I'm betting it matters not about their map skills.