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Hi all! I'm a newly licensed real estate agent and am looking to start out part time while still working my day job. Was wondering if there were any other part time agents in the Jax area I could speak with. Just looking for some general guidance, what to expect etc.... Currently meeting with brokers to determine who to hang my license with. Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated! 



I'm in the same boat Will. I work in IT full-time and I just got my license. I live down in St. Augustine but I work in Jax. I would love to hear any tips you come across.

Hi William -  How can I help?  We just recently restructured our company by adding additional brokers to help all of our new agents be successful.  All of our agents started out just like you described and we have had two that have since left their full-time jobs to work in Real estate full time. We are a virtual company and have a very competitive compensation plan, training, compliance, support, and much more, but we (virtual) are not for everyone. Our primary goal is to ensure we support you and help YOU make the most money possible. We pay the highest commission split not only paying you 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90% of your commission. WE are a what you might have heard of as a 100%* commission company. Having said that...if you'd like to learn more I would be happy to answer any questions that I can.

Thanks for reaching out everyone! @Eric Hinojos would you mind if I sent you a direct message? @Alan Brooks I'll let you know of any tips I come across! Thanks @Lisa Schueneman for reaching out. Starting out I'll need some hand holding so I'm not quite sure the virtual brokerage is quite right for me, at least not yet. Will definitely keep it in mind as I get into the business. 

Thanks again everyone! 

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