Handymen recommendations in Jacksonville FL?

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Originally posted by @Chris Huang :

Want someone to install front doorbell and fix a few minor holes on the wall.. If this works, will have more jobs in the future.. thanks.

Mark Fries is your one stop shop. Rehabs to small jobs. He's on the forums but you can find his companies HomeMax and Zebra Roofing through a Google search I'm sure. I swear by him. 


Originally posted by @Wendy L. :
Gary Siver is on the forums... he works with a lot of members here and is well regarded on the forum.

I did not have the greatest experience with him.


@Wendy L. Thanks

@Basit Siddiqi Sorry to hear that.  I wish you would of brought that to my attention instead of seeing this on a forum.  This is the first time hearing about this.  I have done hundreds of rehabs/jobs and have never had any complaints.  I have met several investors off this site and still currently work with some.

To be honest, both guys (Mark/Gary) were very responsive to my specific needs.  I decided to work with @Gary Siver  on this small job and had an overall great experience.  He arrived quickly, and completed the work without any issues. I would definitely use him again and have no problems recommending him to others.  

Thank you all for your feedbacks, much appreciated it.. Cheers, :)