Miami Real Estate Networking Event

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@Fradel Barber

Thanks for the initiative Fradel. I would be interested to meet with like minded people.

Do you already have a place in mind? With everything going on I rather do a virtual meet up or meet in an outdoors environment with limited people.

Let me know if I can help with any of the planning.

I have an indoor location confirmed but working on an outdoor location. Will get back to everyone as soon as confirmed.

Looking forward to meeting you all

Hi Everyone, 

I'm originally for NYC but have family in Miami and I'm visiting for the holidays, and possibly longer. I'd love to connect with local investors as I am considering investing in the Miami area. I'm bummed I missed this event. I hope you have another one soon. 

All the best,


@Fradel Barber I just saw this thread and I'm sorry I missed it as well. I am from out of state but will be moving to the area in the spring. I would love to know about more events like this, especially if they can be made virtual!