Lets get the south Florida/Keys section going

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Maybe this section should just be reclassified as South Florida to increase the traffic.  Plus people that always go to the recent forums will not know where to go w/ out a little more directions.

Lived in Key West for four years, and totally loved it! Glad to see there are some BP'ers down there! What's the market like? I was quite curious while there, but didn't really get into this until I moved north.

Don't know the market well enough to say, but looks like appreciation buy only.

Well hello from Key West. New on here but been in town for 3.5 yrs and love it. 

Would definitely be interested in hearing from more people about their experiences buying in the Keys. I think we are all familiar with the rental costs down here, so as I'm not in a full time job I'm trying to find the right time to get into a small multi-unit place that I can use to at least cushion my housing expenses. I'm pretty new to all of this, but very motivated to find something that'll stick long term.

Hello all! I am an experienced real estate investor in California and might be spending a lot of time in key west in the future.  If anyone is active I would love to chat about the market there.  Feel free to pm or respond here. 

Hi @Eric Raslich !  I am a real estate agent and investor in Key West.  I apologize that I'm just now seeing your post.  Are you located in the Keys now?  Purchasing property in the Keys can be a great way to help shoulder some of the crazy rental prices down here.  Many people in Key West "househack" and have their roommates pay their mortgage while renting out rooms and others choose to go the route of a multiunit property.  There are lots of options and I'd be happy to speak with you about them, PM me any time.  

Some good opportunities in duplexes or in law suites.  I would also consider x zones bc insurance costs a ton.

check out the military investor blog.  A case study on buying in the keys is coming.

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