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As a new fellow in REI world, I was looking for property information in Miami Area, Who's the owner, how much taxes it pays etc. I don't have access to the MLS yet, so I found with some tools and almost all the info I needed.

My question for the most experienced guys, how reliable are usually the numbers in this site?

Where Can I find out if a property has any lien on it?

HI Joel,

The property appraiser's web site has a lot of good information. You can also check the county clerk's website and get information there, too. For example, you can sometimes find lien info there. The "market value" listed on the property appraiser's site isn't always accurate. If you don't have access to MLS, check Zillow or Redfin to see what similar properties in the area are selling for. Always look at properties within a mile radius that have sold within the past 90-180 days.

Very difficult to know how reliable it is for any given property...Sometimes the property appraiser site just lacks certain info entirely (like living area sq footage)...Sometimes I've seen docs at the building office that conflict with what's in the property appraiser site/stuff that has actually happened, been reported, and should be updated in property appraiser site doesn't make its way there, or is very delayed...And in some cases the current/previous owners made modifications on the property without ever going through the proper process so the county just doesn't know to update the appraiser site. 

In other words, you can never truly know...The only way to be certain is by inspecting the property yourself.

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