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Hi.  I am having a very hard time finding any type of meet ups for South Florida - Miami Dade County.  Besides the few investor association meetings,  are there any local people getting together to discuss investing?

I think your local REIA's are a great place to start. Although there is a fee, you'll get access to established investors, many of whom love talking about the business.

I would check and see what RE meetings are going on in your area. I'll be at the Broward REIA next Wednesday, feel free to buy me a drink for some real estate advice. Just kidding my advice is free! Hope to see you all there.

Has anyone found a solid group in SFL? I found looks interesting. I'm just getting started in wholesaling and will be checking this out. Please let me know if anyone found anything else.


Originally posted by @Jon Huber :

@Jean Pierre , @Kevin Bowen , @Markene Mathis , @Francesco Barbati... we have a monthly meetup titled Coffee with Investors in Delray Beach every month. I can't promote the details in this forums, but you can either search by that title, or send me a msg and I can get the details to you... hope to see you there 

 Thank you so much Jon!

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