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My name is Zamontae Stinson I am 21, and I graduate from LSU with a degree in Business next month.  Soon after graduation, I plan to move to South Florida, either Miami or Fort Lauderdale.  Thanks to my saving over the past few years, and a couple wholesale deals, I have quite a bit of money saved up to invest.  Though I am 21, and only have completed a few deals, I would not really consider myself a nube.  My parents have been investors my entire life, and I have also been an avid reader.  

Since I am moving to a brand new market with money save up, what I am looking for is someone is has been consistently doing deals for a while.  I would love a partner that I could work with and make a lot of money together.  I look foward to hearing from you all.

Welcome @Zamontae Stinson ! Lots of real investors here on BP...You may also want to consider checking out the local REIA's and meetups once you get here. Good luck, hope to see you around soon!

Thanks for the welcome @Lucas Machado , ill be sure to attend when I move, but it would be great if I could find someone before I moved.

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