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I am a Passive Investor in Arizona and Miami and currently own 4 properties generating strong passive income. I'm originally an engineer and as any good engineer, we need to work crazy hours. I recently switched jobs into the Financial Services field and found myself with a lot more time in the day. As a result, I am looking to branch out my investment portfolio into something a little more active, particularly Flipping Properties.

I am hoping to get some advice on Flipping in Miami metro area and maybe some recent success/loss stories. I am looking for partners and general contractors in the area.

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Welcome @Thomas Orgler ! You'll find tons of great info here on BP, and lots of folks willing to help out / partner up. I also suggest you check out some local networking events. There's a bunch, but the two big ones that I never miss are Dade REIA (www.dreia.org) and Broward REIA (www.breia.com). Hope to see you around!

@Thomas Orgler Hello Thomas! I started reading about biggerpockets 2 years ago. With the information that I learned from biggerpockets I jumped and bought in cash a house in Miami for 55K. That was a 16 months ago. I have learned details about the neighborhood. I have fixed the house myself and I am currently living in the house with my family. I believe the house could be sold for about 100K. 

I am looking to purchase another house. I have about 20k saved and would like to get a mortgage for the following house I get. We'll see what comes up.

I am telling you this because I want to learn as much as possible about this business and I am willing to help you if you need boots on the ground. 

Send me a private message if I you need help checking out houses, managing or if you need people that do construction, electricity, flooring or plumbing.

Have a great day!! 

My name is Stephen Ciriaco I own Florida Development and construction Corporation. I am a Florida general contractor, roofing contractor and real estate broker. Looking to do flips and or holds, need funding please call if we can make a fit.

Hi @Diego Perez did you buy a house in Hialeah for 55k or was that what you down for the loan? If that was the price, how did you come across that house? Sounds like a great flip once you sell!
Best of luck looking for the next

Hello @Yanier. I wish it was there for that price. The house I bought is in Miami. Gladeview neighbourhood. I used to live in Hialeah. I gotta update my BP profile :) 

I'm looking to purchase more houses in this area.

What area are you looking for to purchase a house?

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