Looking for Agent Recommendations in Miami Area

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I'm looking for agent recommendations for someone in the Miami Area that has experience in the beach condo market. Is there anyone here that has a recommendation by chance?  

Good morning Adam,

My name is Phil Bottfeld, I invest in 55+ condos in the south florida area but not specifically in the beach condo market. My wife is an agent but she's not versed in that area, however she may be able to point you in the right direction in finding the right agent. Her name is Shaina,  PM me for her personal information.

Kind Regards,


Hey @Adam G.

Just a suggestion should in case you can't find a good recommendation from here or you want to open up your pool of agents to select.

I would try the Zillow agent profiles. Search for agents that focus on Beach Condos in Miami. Choose a few that have recent ( within 1-3 months ) excellent ratings & reviews. The agent that contacts you back in an hour or so could be the one you can interview or ask about your needs.

Good Luck!

@Carlos Coppin Jr I liked your comment about realtors in Miami don't answer their phone!! I'm a realtor and investor who lives in Miami. It's a nightmare to contact some of the listing agents I encounter on my path. And hard to get return calls also. I am one of the few agents who answer the phone in the area and shows up at showing appointments, unlike many in the area. However I have mostly stopped working as a realtor for others, with some exceptions, and basically keep my license for my own investments. It's frustrating to work in real estate in Miami!!!

Hi, Adam.  I'm a Realtor located in Miami.  I have been in the business since 2005, and I have a lot of experience in Miami Beach real estate.  I'd love to work with you if you still are in search. 

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