Looking for opinions of Brickell Area

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Hi there,

I went into a purchase agreement on 2 bedroom unit at Brickell Heights East Tower a few years ago, and it's set to close. I'd like to connect and get an opinion of Brickell area, whether or not to sell or put it on the market as an unfurnished rental. My concern is that there is a lot of new inventory coming into the market that I would be competing with.


Hi, Jonathan!

It's currently a buyer's market in Brickell.  More inventory is coming down the pike which will push prices down.  I'd rent it if you can. 

There is a bunch of new construction in the brickell and downtown area and inventory is not limited. I would test the market first and make a decision after I see what the results are. I know the market very well. I can be reached anytime for further assistance if needed.

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