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Anyone know of any good real estate groups in Miami? Ideally I'd be looking for a group where people can bring questions or deals they are looking at to the group and everyone can help each other get answers and give feedback on the deals. Also a place where you could find more education, partners, mentors, exchange deals they've found, ect. I've been to a lot of groups and every meetup I can find around here and practically nobody is a serious investor or even owns any real estate in the group.

Hey Ray, I am searching for a great group also. There is a tougher barrier to entry for real estate investors here in South Florida because of our market. I have a few friends and colleagues who are active investors, they themselves are having a harder time finding great deals and are probably the busiest people I know. If I can be of any help by answering questions let me know. 

What group is the local meetup through? Is is posted online somewhere? 

Originally posted by @Jason Brown :

@Ray S.I believe there is a Local meet up at Union Beer Store on 8th St December 26th. I have gone in the past and made some pretty good contacts.

Best of luck!

Hey @Ray S.  

In regards to serious groups I believe @Lucas Machado & @Malgorzata Sadowska pointed some of the biggest ones. If you are looking for something more casual I definitely second @Jason Brown 's suggestion hosted by @Jonathan Azoulai . I'll definitely be attending this months meetup, you can RSVP here and get an idea of who is attending and who you would like to make a point to speak to. 

There's also a meetup in Brickell that I have been attempting to attend more often but it is during the lunch time and that's typically a tough time for me. It is pretty small so far but because of that it is very flexible towards topics and much more personal. It is called Brickell Brown Bag Lunch if you search on Meetup.com 

Hope I was able to assist a bit. Happy Investing to all of you!

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