Code Violations in florida weed and grass

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It could be. It could also mean a distressed home owner. I think it's always worth to follow up with code violation leads. Everyone is different. I think unkept property = money. I like to see what's going on, so why not give a call. 

Getting a code violation for overgrown grass is not uncommon. Now if the citation or violation has not been corrected within the time frame given and the violation goes from a simple $500 fee to $10,000 fee which is what happens in Miami Dade county then I would say you have something worth looking at.

Originally posted by @Luis Barberi :

@Joshlee Ulysse - how are you finding out about the grass violations?

 search the dade county code enforcement sites (there are multiple).

If you're a smooth talker you might be able to call them and find out about it (however alot of the code enforcement people are completely useless...).

If you need help searching liens,code enforcement ,etc.. PM me I can show you a few tricks since I'm an title examiner in training.

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