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Hello all, I am new to Biggerpockets and have made a decision to pursue real estate investing with the hopes of purchasing my first residential multifamily rental. I currently work full-time with the government, but the idea of financial freedom is so exhilarating!!! It would be great to connect with an investor friendly realtor in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area!! Any suggestions? Furthermore, I think connecting with other local investors would be very helpful to me as this is all new to me. I currently trying to do my due diligence by learning what I can from reading the forums, listening to the Biggerpockets podcasts, webinars, etc. however, the opportunity to be able to establish a connection with likeminded investors would be extremely helpful and make this new journey for me a little less intimidating. Feel free to reach out! Thanks all!!

@Ashley Mutawakkil - Morning! Congrats on the decision to pursue REI. Are you looking to invest in Florida from Michigan, or move to Florida?

Hi @Ashley Mutawakkil . I currently work the Miami South FL area as a Real Estate Broker and also invest personally in the local market. Deals are hard to find but they do exist. Any questions or assistance you need I am always available.

Thanks for replies all! I actually live in Miami. Not sure why it had Michigan listed under my profile. Hey Jack I will definitely reach out this weekend. 

@Ashley Mutawakkil Congrats on your decision to pursue financial freedom! My suggestion would also be to visit local REIA's in all three counties ( Palm Beach, Dade, Broward ). There are a few meetup groups on Meetup.com that are worth visiting also.

You may run into investors that have deals in all three counties. Also, start driving neighborhoods to get a feel for where you would like to invest and the types of multi-family units you would like to buy. You may run across abandoned or vacant property, for sale by owner, etc. You can call them up. Ask questions, etc to get your feet wet. Real estate is a contact sport. You can not do it from behind the screen. You physically need to be out there networking and talking to people constantly. That's how I find my deals. It is only competitive when you are just starting out or are not proactive. However, once you get out there enough and consistently. Deals may find a way of getting to you. Good luck!

Check out the what's brewing event meetup next week.

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